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How To Market A Book For Free

I’m an indie author, (with a marketing background) and keep finding posts on writer’s forums like ‘so I published my book, but only sold two copies in the last year, I don’t know why I bothered….’

Contrary to some people’s opinion that “when the book is written the work is done”, self-publishing isn’t just about writing, finding a good editor, choosing a publisher, getting an ISBN, formatting the book, designing the cover and choosing your price.  It also needs to about becoming your own agent, marketing department and cheerleader.  You can throw lots of money at marketing, but that might not help – what are you spending your money on?

So what do you need to know? This is my book marketing advice - marketing means publicising your name and work, it is everything you do that gets people’s interest.  Which can lead to them buying your work – it’s not selling, which is a different skill, and doesn’t just relate to books.

Imagine your ideal reader, so that you know who to aim at

When you have a detailed picture of who they are then we can work out where to find them. You are marketing yourself and your work NOT COLD CALLING (remember those annoying people who used to telephone while you were eating?).

Make sure you look appropriate for your genre and look approachable.  Ladies, no cleavage or pouty poses please – we know sex sells but we are marketing your book, not your personal wares.

Set up your social media profiles – don’t randomly add people you have no connection with, they are unlikely to be your ideal reader.

Make sure that your author website is everything that your readers would like it to be when they find you

Believe in yourself and your book, have you told everyone you ever met that you wrote a book? Think of this information as a pebble dropped into water making bigger and bigger ripples.  I’m not talking about becoming a bore, but if anyone asks what you’ve been doing lately, tell them you wrote a book… everyone should know.

And how to you keep in touch with your fans? a mailing list of course!

Finally, please remember why you started writing, if you were thinking you’d written an indie bestseller, and you’d make your millions, I admire your spirit, but you might want to adjust your reality.  Enjoy the process, including the marketing, or why do it?

Market A Book For Free – Mailing Lists

Here is another way to market your book for free, mailing lists. I have used mailing lists in every business I have ever worked with. And they work just as well - if not better for an author business. People refer to a mailing, email or contact list, but they are all the same thing, whatever you call it what we mean by this is a list of people. They will have agreed to give you their email address, because they are happy for you to contact them via email, for the purpose of giving them information about what you are doing and your books.

Firstly, why would an author need such a thing? especially if they are active across social media platforms? there are loads of great reasons why you need a list, but here are the two most fabulous ones, because you don't, you won’t ever, own your social media profiles, or the connections and contacts that you make through them.

You could turn on your device one day, find things have changed, or you have lost your account and all your contacts will have disappeared. This does happen, that's why it is the first and best reason to create a mailing list.

Secondly, collecting emails from people ensure they want to hear from you, about what you are doing, They have chosen to hear from you, and unless they unsubscribe, or you delete them for some reason you cannot lose them.

To find out how authors build and use their mailing lists click

How Authors Use A Mailing List | Eden Gruger

There are a variety of platforms that you can use for free to set up your list. I personally use Mailerlite, because it is so easy to use, and set up sequence (more about that in my next article) but there are others to choose from if you prefer.

This is my affiliate link feel free to find Mailerlite through your search engine if you would rather not use it

Eden's Mailerlite Affiliate Link

What’s It Like Being An Author?

You probably think that most of an author's time is taken with the writing, right? well actually although that is a very important part of the role there is a lot more to it, especially for independent or self-published authors.

So, I thought it would be a bit of fun to share what my working week looked like this week.

Due to a couple of family crisis, I missed the deadline to get the edits finished for my sixth book. So, the first thing I had to do this week was email my designer and apologise for the delay and set another deadline that I hope will be realistic.

Then I emailed the people who had bought on pre-order to let them know that the book was on its way, but there had been an unforeseeable delay.

Next, I had to check in with all my social media to answer queries, reply to comments, and check messages. This included checking in with my author association.

Then emails, there were sixty across my inboxes, about half of which needed answering immediately as people had been waiting to hear from me. The rest were divided between my answer this week, answer within a month, or moved to trash.

After that was a meeting with my web designer and maintainer, he needed to let me know what had been going on in my absence, and to find out what I wanted him to spend this month's retainer time doing.

Then I had a meeting about a podcast interview that I am taking hosting.

After all the business 'stuff' then I could get back to my edits.

Unsurprisingly a writer's life it isn't all launches, signings, photo shoots, in fact very, very few of them are like that. It isn't even just about writing.

If you decide that being an author business is the life for you, just keep in mind that as it grows and the better you do, the more of a business it becomes.

In no way is being an author a stressful job, and I will not pretend that it is, but it has its ups and downs just like every other area of life.  If you follow my author pages social media, you will there are days when my hair is up in an elastic band, and I'm eating chocolate pudding at 11am (albeit an Alpro pudding, 11am isn't really pudding time).

And if you are interested in an author business for yourself you could start here, with my Masterclass Membership, £37 a month to access twenty years of sales and marketing experience and shortcuts.

Write, Publish and Market Your Book

Guest Article on Elgee Writes

March certainly has become a busy month, as well as the interview with Whispering Stories that came out last week,  this week I have a guest blog article coming out on Elgee Writes.

My article is all about marketing in the indie book market - why not pop over and have a read.

TTFN Eden :-)