A gentle wheeze of a collection of short stories

Laughing at Myself by Eden Gruger – well it most certainly did make me laugh and sometimes out loud which shares in the sorry, not sorry approach to life which Eden espouses. It’s a gentle wheeze of a collection of short stories that I enjoyed reading in snippets and looked forward to the next story each time I put it down.
Eden has the ability to draw you right into her world of hilarity and mishap. I can’t help but admire the humour and positive vibes with which she deals the most usual and unusual situations from her own unique perspective. Each story is amusing due to Eden’s ability to explain circumstance in a familiar and heart warning manner. The honesty and humour of Eden’s writing is refreshing, funny and well worth a read. This is one to share with others. A worthy follow up to Down with Frogs and left me wanting to know more about Eden’s extraordinary life.