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Inspired By…Ruth Rood

Inspired by…Ruth Rood

In 2018 I went to my first ever business networking meeting as an author. Little did I know that in that room was someone who would become not only a supporter of my journey, but a true inspiration to me. This is all about why I have been inspired by Ruth Rood.

Her warm welcome and friendliness throughout the lunch wasn’t just a front to bring me in, Ruth wanted to really find out where I was at, and how she could help. With the writer’s life generally being quite a solitary one, this connection was really needed, and I joined her organisation straight away. Even though I left face to face meetings just before the pandemic Ruth continued to be a support to me whenever I called on her for advice, and this has included telling me the best place to buy chicken soup when I had a five week chest infection! Which says a lot about the quality of the lady. Ruth describes herself as warm, helpful and kind, and I couldn’t agree more.

I am quite sure there isn’t a question she couldn’t answer, but if there was Ruth knows everyone, so can always point people in the right direction to get what they need. As you can probably tell, if Ruth had a fan club, I would be a fully paid up member.

And this goes to the heart of what makes Ruth inspirational to me, helping people because it is the right thing to do is a fantastic quality. One that she motivates me to try to do more of, in both my business and personal life. This is something that Ruth loves about her network, members are genuinely interested in each other, and they also work on how they can help each other. Which is always more than just buying people’s goods and services.

Ruth describes her groups as tight knit, without being cliquey, with a real family atmosphere, and having visited many of the groups within the network I would agree. Ruth credits her extraordinary bank of knowledge, and veritable army of people to call on, from spending fifteen years finding out how she can help people.

Originally visiting the networking group after qualifying as a Life Coach in 2007, Ruth was so impressed she bought a Franchise! She now has six face to face groups and a national online group. As a networking Queen Ruth’s pearls of wisdom include “follow up, follow up, follow up!”, it is surprising how many people go to a meeting, and then forget to do this step. Or who don’t want to put the time into connecting with people, then think that networking doesn’t work. Ruth also cautions “If you promise something – do it and be respectful, always” a great lesson for us all.

And lastly, something particularly close to my heart is Ruth’s story about spellchecking emails (before you send them!) “I received an email from a visitor who had arranged to come to a meeting. On the day, the lady wasn’t very well and emailed to let me know that she wasn’t able to attend after all… The last line of the message read ‘apologies for any incontinence caused’ instead of any inconvenience. Ruth says ever since then she has double checked her emails before sending them and has saved herself from embarrassment on a few occasions! I know that feeling so well.

Ruth’s plans for the future, beyond continuing to help, educate and inspire women in business; Include organising more social events to bring together women who might not otherwise meet. And she may even take on another online group within her network.

This is a big shout out, and a thank you to the very fabulous Ruth Rood.

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Inspired by…Melanie Fielden

Mel, I have been inspired by you because... you have such a quirky fun sense of style, that has definitely inspired two of my last hat purchases.. but also because of your desire to help and support women, including organising the very incredible Rise and Shine Summit, with everything needed to change your life and your business

"How did you get to where you are now: Long story! I’ll try and keep it brief… after graduating with a degree in Environmental Sciences, I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life! My father ran a company selling microscopes and offered me a job as an Area Sales Manager, selling microscopes across the East of England. I figured, ‘what the hell’, I might as well say yes and do that for a year until I have a better idea of what I really want to do. Fourteen years later, I’m still there having completed eight years in sales, four years as Company Director managing the day-to-day running of the business and more recently as Marketing Director.

However, with my father’s genes, there’s an ambitious streak in me, that started nudging me around four years ago, a year later I started my an eBay shop MelBelle’s. Whilst doing this, and looking at Instagram I was drawn to stories of successful women, behind-the-scenes videos of running a business, and empowering posts. There were a couple of companies in particular that I absolutely loved; they were so unique in their style, branding and culture, making business fun whilst created a really supportive community, that I just had to be a part of! But they were in the USA and Australia. After some research that showed there was nothing like this in the UK, I made it my mission to create my own version of these companies for ambitious women in the UK. No more boring conferences or intimidating networking events. I wanted to shake up the UK networking and business conference scene and make business fun! Hence the birth of Pioneer Chicks.

Piece of wisdom to share: If you have a dream, don’t let complacency prevent you from going for it. To grow, you have to get uncomfortable and purposefully put yourself into situations that scare you. This is what separates the dreamers from the achievers. Get intentional, be brave and go for it!

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