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International Chocolate Day

International Chocolate Day – or as I like to call it writers fuel day, is today! And I thought it would be fun to hear from my favourite expert in the Cacao herself Ms Melinda Newman of Nirvana Chocolat.

Anyone who follows my socials may remember a Facebook story where some chocolates literally jumped into my mouth (they were from Nirvana Chocolat). Or more recently where my creative play one week included learning how to make dark chocolate and raspberry truffles (at a Nirvana Chocolat BYOB workshop). Seriously you have never tasted anything so amazing in your life – and that’s bar nothing.

Did you know that every Belgian village has their own chocolatier? And that when you go to someone’s house you take them the gift of your village’s chocolate? Neither did I, but now that’s going to be my thing – you want to visit me? Great. Where’s my artisan chocolate?

Mel’s creations have spoilt me for off the shelf brands, (unless I want something dirty – ooh missus). I consider these treats as beneficial to my mind body and spirit, being full of quality ingredients. Cacao boosts brain power like caffeine does, milk and cream have essential fatty acids and vitamins to make me healthy, and they are made with care to encourage and support my creative endeavours. What’s not to love?

I give you Chocolatier to the stars – Melinda Newman of Nirvana Chocolat

Bespoke Handmade Belgian Chocolate Wedding Favours | Gifts | Loughton – Nirvana Chocolat by Melinda Leigh

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