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Why Authors Need A Website

If you want to know how to market a book then you need to know about author websites. There are tons of myths around websites, from they have to be designed by a professional, that they cost thousands of pounds to get looking great, that they just sit online and do not do anything, that authors do not need one so are really a waste of money.

Well, they don't need to be, they can actually be free which is how I started out, until five books in, and after the creation of the Make Your Book A Reality Masterclass Membership, and then it did need some bells and whistles.

And although it's true that if you don't look after the content on your website it will be less than helpful, you will not let that happen now will you?

The point of an author website is to give you a place to have all your information and content in one area that belongs to you, unlike your social media profiles and contacts.

It enables you to build your contact list through subscribers.

So now you know they WHY, you might like to hear the HOW, and if you do pop over to If this article has made you think or raised some questions for you, or you would like some book marketing advice then get in touch.

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