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This month has been all go and we still have a week to go yet, with interviews about how lock-down affected the publishing and eventual release of ‘Laughing at Myself’. Trying to work out whether I want to strike out into the outside world after lock-down, and finding out that I don’t, and have, to my surprise turned into quite the hermit.

We saw family for the first time in four months, with no cuddling, and not being able to stay at their houses. Being in a holiday cottage felt most peculiar, although we knew it was very clean and hadn’t had anyone else staying there. Trying to see three different lots of family in three days was quite a rush.

While we were away my designer took the opportunity to take my website offline for  three days, while she gave it an overhaul. During the time the site was offline and being worked on, a technical glitch sent over fifty cheese related emails out to my subscribers, and social media accounts.

So, if you had an inbox full of cheese, I do apologise, we still haven’t worked out quite what happened. Seriously, it could only happen to me, you just couldn’t make this stuff up! so I had to spent the few minutes between time with the family, replying to messages from people who wondered what was happening to their inbox. Facebook still keeps offering me the option to boost posts about Jarlsberg…think I’ll give that one a miss, thanks Facebook.

Despite the hiccups, Jade from Hashtag Web Design worked her magic on my website, and I have since seen my highest ever number of visitors; which as you can appreciate makes it all worthwhile. Take a moment to let me know what you think of the new layout, menus, and design by leaving me a comment below, particularly if you are one of my regular visitors, although I like to hear from you all of course.

Apart from interviews, website and inbox disasters, I have been working on Make Your Book A Reality Masterclass and Mentoring Memberships. Despite thinking it was nearly there, during the recording process it became clear that some of the courses could be broken down further. Making each topic share enough knowledge but stopping before you would experience overwhelm, so that’s slowed things down. But the most important thing to me is to get it right for you.

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