TEENS by Alison Middleton Timms

I have just published my first ever book under Eden’s expert guidance. Thank you Eden! We got there didn’t we??

I chose to work with Eden as she could give me one to one support and knew she would be brutally honest with me and really importantly, could help me achieve a rather ambitious task of publishing a book within a very tight deadline! Literally within 6 months. When I contacted her in September 23 I hadn’t written my book! Now in March 24 I am a published author!!

I have to pinch myself to believe that together we have made that happen. I would not have achieved that without Eden’s guidance and support.

It has been a real journey of learning and have appreciated her wealth of knowledge of the book industry and all it’s nuances. It is one thing to actually write the book but understanding the industry and publishing aspect a whole world I knew nothing about and Eden’s knowledge and experience is invaluable.

I also appreciated her honesty and not being afraid to be direct and put me right on a thing or two! She has rightly challenged me. At times there have been things I’ve not wanted to hear but had to and I appreciate her for her calmness and perseverance.

Thank you Eden for being authentic and helping achieve one of my goals!