Build Good Writing Habits

How to learn to write? This is a question with as many answers as there are people asking it – lots and lots.

I cannot tell you best way, or the only way to consider, but I can tell you my way. And at the time of writing, I have six books to show that it works for me.

In the very beginning I tried to write every single day, just for five minutes. This was not able creating anything earth shattering or even particularly great. There were no rules, and no editing at all, So the things that I wrote were very stream of consciousness, and at times didn’t seem to make any sense at all. But this was about habit forming, and for some people writing every day is what gets them from page one to The End.

Then I tried writing to word count, this works for many people…but you have guessed it, not for me. This just gave me something to rebel against, as if I needed any excuse, and made something that I love to do feel like schoolwork.

Then I thought about how my particular brain processes the world, and hey presto I was away. I need peace, fresh air, and no disturbances (literally none, distract me and my brain goes onto factory reset). It seems simple, but that is my way, when I cannot write, I do not try.

You can try various ways to create your own healthy writing habits, and not everything will feel right for you. But you need to develop your writing habits in order to get your own book finished. Starting a book but then not going on to finish it is the biggest problem writers have.

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If you want to make strong writing habits, whatever that looks like for you, understand why people get blocked, and how to get out of, and stay out of block. Especially useful if you are stuck in a rut with your writing – which happens to the best of us. Let me pull you out of the mental mud and get your imagination back on track.

Whether you are a beginner establishing their writing routine or a seasoned professionals who need to get their mojo back!

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If you prefer to go your own way but would appreciate a framework, I have created How To Finish Your Book, a free printable checklist that will guide you through the steps from idea to publishing.

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