March Madness And Medals For Parents

I want to say right now to all you parents and carers out there, I take my metaphorical hat off to you.  How you manage the months of cleaning poop, lack of sleep, constant feeds whilst functioning in semi zombie mode is nothing short of heroic.

Why the sudden outburst of admiration? not a baby, but a puppy.  We obviously love him very much, but he does have some unsavoury habits, not only does he poop everywhere, but then feels the need to stamp in it; Meaning he is more brown than white – lovely.  It just gets everywhere, right now while typing I glanced down and noticed a brown smear on the leg of my jeans.  Lovely.

The house will probably need chemical fumigation by the time he is toilet trained just to get rid of the smell, so my advise is buy shares in cruelty free cleaning brands now folks before I stock up.  People I meet sniff me strangely they probably think my perfume is oddly urinal and that the Tena ladies aren’t working.

Besides the natural odours the worst thing was bedtime, for the first five nights he screamed, and I mean screamed like a banshee, all. night. long.  I have gained eye bags and wrinkles that definitely weren’t there last week.

Now before you tell me that I am an idiot, or ask if I had ever even met a puppy before this, what did I expect etc. etc. please know that he was a very much planned and longed for furry friend; and despite the wrinkles, the smell, the noise, the stains and the hate mail from our neighbours – he is our little lad, bless him and we wouldn’t have him any other way.

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