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Laughing at Myself

Delightfully hilarious, sensitive, witty, brave, forgiving and loving read

This delightfully hilarious, sensitive, witty, brave, forgiving and loving read is not to be missed. The author’s magical simplicity is a clever invitation, not only to be thoroughly entertained, but Gruger reintroduces ourselves in a whole new light.

Laughing at Myself is a beautifully easy read that you won’t want to put down. Gruger skilfully guides you effortlessly through her narrative, while giving you all the details the reader needs to put themselves in the scenes of the story. Each short story flows into the next. Equally if time to yourself is limited, (and hiding from my 3 children at home during lockdown is only successful for so long), it is a book you can delve into for a quick visit, be entertained and come back to it again later… again and again. It will never fail to put a smile on your face.

As Gruger continues to introduce herself as she skips through her life’s encounters, you are left laughing out loud as you get to know her ‘Bridget Jones meets Calamity Jane’ character. The amusing references are endless, but… “Yet another time in my life when something I found funny, everyone else thought was idiotic”… resounds throughout.

I was left feeling not only amused, but quite elated. Encouraged to look at the humour within ourselves, our own vulnerabilities, to recognise them, greet them, open heartedly, and laugh away. Perhaps we can admit a little piece of this author is within all of us, and Gruger does a superb job of introducing us.

Gruger will leave you awakened, with a renewed awareness, as she teaches us those good solid life lessons… laugh at yourself, laugh with others, find the humour in life, forgive ourselves and ultimately love ourselves and the life we live.

The only criticism you will have is being left wanting more. Not just more tales of Gruger’s adventures, that goes without saying. But intrigued to find out more about each scenario, to share the further depths of Grugers thinking and humour. Where will each experience take her next. You want more than that peek, you’ll want to be experiencing it with her, get to know her better. She’s your potential best friend you haven’t met yet. And there’s a hell of a lot of catching up to do!

humourous book of short stories

I just read Eden’s book ‘Laughing At Myself’, which is a delightfully cringeworthy, humourous book of short stories that is written so well that I couldn’t help but picture myself as the character in most stories, particularly the one about the elderly cat’s bladder issues, as I had to literally question the author whether the story was based on the time it happened to me. It wasn’t and I was evilly relieved that I wasn’t the only person that one of her cats had decided to use as a litter tray.

The whole book made me feel grateful that I am not the only person in the world that gets myself in an array of embarrassing situations, and I happily laughed at the characters’ misfortune.

I read the book over three mornings and found the writing style easy to read due to the ease of flow and the large type intended for dyslexic readers. I am not dyslexic myself but did find the format easier to read than a regular font.

I also particularly enjoyed the story about the size 6 shoes on size 4 feet, and the one about the driving test. I won’t give any more away as you need to read it yourself.

I very much look forward to reading future work from Eden. Well done!

The book is easy to read, episodic

I have loved reading LAUGHING AT MYSELF … so many of the stories I could relate to in way one or another … feeling like an awkward teenager at times and especially the perm 😂 didn’t we all have a disaster hair-do during some stage in our lives? 😂😬

The book is easy to read, episodic, the type of book you want to read on a rainy day, with a cuppa and a biscuit (or three).

It’s important we can find humour in some of the hiccups life throws at us, and Eden’s book reminds us of that.

I was sorry that I’d finished it, it was like I was getting to know Eden more and more and then it was the end ☹️

I Hope there’s another in the future.

Definitely worth a read especially if you need cheering up

Just had the privilege of a sneak peak of Eden’s new book “Laughing At Myself” I read this in just 2 sittings, it was so easy to read and to pick up and carry on where I left off, the bigger text and white space is a big win for me too.

It was like having a chat with your bestie reminiscing over those cringeworthy, hilarious and embarrassing moments that we have all experienced at some point in our lives. Just what I needed!

I was laughing and cringing along with the stories in equal measures, Couch Potatoes had me gasping with horror and Nice to See You, had me remembering my own fashion faux pas.

It’s good to know other people have those moments as well!

Definitely worth a read especially if you need cheering up or are feeling self conscious.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face

This was an entertaining and captivating easy to follow read from start to finish Such light hearted and genuine humor within every story, my only lingering question is… Did you ever learn how to drive… Brilliant read that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

Gruger’s skill is in capturing an anecdote or point in life we can relate to

I had been impatiently awaiting Eden Gruger’s second collection of stories,having thoroughly enjoyed Down with Frogs; and it certainly did not disappoint. I read Laughing at Myself preview copy in one sitting and as before, found myself finished all too soon and wanting more. Gruger strikes the perfect balance between the reader being able to empathize with the diverse situations and yet think thank goodness it wasn’t me, in equal measures. It’s hard to pick favourites from the collection but I think for me probably Couch Potatoes and Wheel of Misfortune resonated most. Gruger’s skill is in capturing an anecdote or point in life we can relate to, letting us revel in that moment and enjoy the inevitable hilarious, often embarrassing outcome through her accessible storytelling.

I am in no doubt that another volume will be in the offing before long with a wealth of further escapades from daily life and I shall be at the ready! I am not only happy to recommend Laughing at Myself to my friends and family but will be gladly gifting a copy or two to those who most need a chuckle right now.

I love the way Eden writes, so easy to read

I had a sneak preview of LAUGHING AT MYSELF and read it in two sittings (would have been one – but I didn’t start reading it until 1am this morning)
I love the way Eden writes, so easy to read. Some of the stories made me smile and some of them made me laugh out loud – not the best when hubby is asleep next to you!
This is a book that generations will love, from my 18 year old to my 70ish old mum.
I’m sure we’ve all done something in at least one of Eden’s stories!
Thanks so much for the laughter – can’t wait for book 3

A great light entertaining book

Really enjoyed Laughing At Myself. It made me smile and inwardly chuckle – so many familiar situations.

It was very easy to read, the style is very natural and you feel like you are in the same room as Eden.

A great light entertaining book.

A gentle wheeze of a collection of short stories

Laughing at Myself by Eden Gruger – well it most certainly did make me laugh and sometimes out loud which shares in the sorry, not sorry approach to life which Eden espouses. It’s a gentle wheeze of a collection of short stories that I enjoyed reading in snippets and looked forward to the next story each time I put it down.
Eden has the ability to draw you right into her world of hilarity and mishap. I can’t help but admire the humour and positive vibes with which she deals the most usual and unusual situations from her own unique perspective. Each story is amusing due to Eden’s ability to explain circumstance in a familiar and heart warning manner. The honesty and humour of Eden’s writing is refreshing, funny and well worth a read. This is one to share with others. A worthy follow up to Down with Frogs and left me wanting to know more about Eden’s extraordinary life.

It made me smile, cringe but more importantly literally laugh out loud

I was looking forward to settling down and to read this book, but as always life gets in the way so started off with just a couple of stories.
Well, this is the beauty of this book, either catch a story here and there or settle down for a good read.
When I next came back to it I was hooked – and finished it!
This book is easy to read and Eden has a flair for this type of format
Scarily I am sure we can all relate to at least one of these short stories and it made me smile, cringe but more importantly literally laugh out loud.
Thank you for the pleasure of a first read. Absolutely loved it.

I thoroughly enjoyed Laughing at Myself

I thoroughly enjoyed Laughing at Myself by Eden and had some laugh out loud moments. I read it in one sitting as I wanted know what she did next. I think we’ve all had those hilarious moments at some time or other in ours lives but it takes real skill to get them down on paper in a way that others will enjoy. Well done Eden….you should a comedy script for television XX

A brilliant pick-me-up

I’ve just read Eden Gruger’s latest book Laughing at Myself and what a fabulous follow up book to Down with Frogs. I started smiling at the wonderful front cover which quickly turned to laughing out loud in the pages that followed. It was a brilliant pick-me-up on a rainy June afternoon and certainly whiled away a delicious couple of hours, with an easy to read format and short chapters for each story. Thank you Eden.

This book is very easy light reading and I constantly laughed

Having read this book in only a few days, Laughing at Myself should be retitled Laughing at me Too….. some of the stories brought back the same memories of my encounters with life. Are all driving instructors leeches, or did we have the same one?

This book is very easy light reading and I constantly laughed (in a nice way) imagining Eden in some of her mishaps, especially Coke Burp – I’d love to have seen her boss’ face!

If you are looking for a nice light pick up, put down book to while away the lazy sunny afternoons, this is most definitely it.

Need a burst of fun? Then this book is for you.

Need a burst of fun? Then this book is for you. Eden is the Bridget Jone of the 20’s. It’s such fun to experience the world through her eyes. Who streaks naked in the garden of their new house? Who wears a see-through top without a bra? I’m in awe of her courage and outrageous behaviour. I’m simultaneously delighted that these perils are her experiences not mine. Every page is a delightful personal car crash moment that allows you to feel glad it’s not you …or that it’s not just you!

I love her style of writing

Just finished reading Eden Gruger new book Laughing at myself. Loved it just as much as her last book.

I love her style of writing also the fact that it is short and full of amazing laugh out loud stories.

The format is so easy to read and with me having read it in two sittings tells you that factor.

Her style of writing just makes me feel like I am actually there as some of the stories really reasonate with me.

A few of the stories I felt like is that it or did I not get the punchline.

Amazing I can’t wait till the next one. Thanks so much for letting me be one of the first to read it.