How To Market My Book – Ideal Readers

One of the best way to market a book for free is to know who your ideal reader is. And if, when you saw this question you answered “everyone!” let me give it to you straight – prepare yourself – whatever your story, your book it is not for everyone.

It could not possibly be.

This is not me being negative, or saying your work is not good enough, because I am sure it is fabulous – this is a stone-cold marketing fact.

And one that as a writer who wants to be an author you need to get your head around, so that you don’t waste time, energy and money pointing your book in the writing direction.

How can I possibly know that your book is the one that will appeal to everyone? Because there isn’t a book that’s been printed, not one single one that you can name that is aimed at every reader – go on I challenge you to try and think of one!

Now you know the truth you can start to think about who your book will appeal to, and use this information to make your marketing strategy. Make it clear who to aim your cover, all your marketing and advertising at. Wich will ultimately make your efforts significantly more successful.

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