How To Launch A Book

The launch of my first book was to celebrate my achievement, after so many years of wanting to be a published author, it had finally happened. But before you rush in to hosting (and paying for a big event) know why you are thinking of holding a launch for your book.

Knowing why you are having a launch will make it much easier to manage the organisation and stress that goes into a successful event. Because make no mistake about it, it is hard work. From choosing a venue, guest list, the books to sell, practising what you are going to say and all of the other hundred or so details that are all down to you.

So, by the time my first book launch happened I was a bundle of excited nerves. And had to have my hair and nails done partly to keep myself going until the evening! Other than beautification I spent the day putting berries into champagne flutes, and make sure that the raspberry mojito mocktails were chilled and ready to flow. Triple checking gift bags, and answering phone call after phone call about the time, address, parking situation, and everything else. Yes, I did give all those details out – in writing, but it did not stop people asking me rather than looking it up.

My intuition had led me to make a great choice in my venue, one of our local independent books (Jo’s Bookshop Station Road, Chingford, London). And both Jo and Pam were enthusiastic and welcoming throughout the process, giving me support in areas that I might otherwise have forgotten, and being fun hosts on the night. I will always be thankful that they were such an important part of this experience for me.

My guests on the evening were from my ideal reader demographic, and it was fabulous to see everyone who came along, I revelled in what was possibly the most surreal experience of my life to that point, which is really saying something – being surrounded by people taking photographs of me with their phones was something that I hadn’t expected!

If you are considering have a launch then there is a masterclass for you to consider, and this includes a twelve week to do list that covers every aspect of launching. Created for you because it is what I wish someone had been able to give me.

How to Launch Your Book Masterclass