Healing Conversations | Eps 52

Healing Conversations podcast with Einav Avni. The secret to self empowerment | Eps 52

Einav invited me to be on her Podcast, and this is why we are a great fit! she says,
“for most of my life, I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing here. I floated, doing a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, but still not knowing.

For a long while, I was a System Tester for Tesco, and then, after my Master’s I became a User Experience Designer – a career that I loved very much. 10 years later, I realised this, too, was not my calling and in 2017 I jumped ship and went on to do my Coaching and NLP (master practitioner) training.

This felt so much better! I LOVED working with my clients, and to begin with I niched into ‘confidence and empowerment coaching’, but slowly, I started to see that I can bring the same wisdom into the healing field and get results that are both profound and nearly literally, life-saving!

Today I work with people with chronic illnesses, chronic pain and other unexplained medical conditions to heal and reverse their symptoms so they can have the freedom to live the life they want”.

With my own invisible disabilities I had to share my philosophy.


What do you do when life gives you lemons? For Eden Gruger, it was the chance to get back into what she always knew she wanted to do – write! Eden is the author of 6 books, despite everyone who ever knew her saying she wasn’t the writer kind…!
In this conversation, we talk about Eden’s writing path, as well as her belief that when you look at what you CAN do, rather than everything you CAN’T – you find a way to move forward in ways you never thought were possible!

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