WWF Calculates Footprint

Having received the WWF carbon footprint calculator I had to find out just how bad, or how good I was straight away.  I recycle everything that can be, and compost, we don’t eat meat or fish every day, and use cosmetics creams, lotions and potions that use high end ingredients, and are vegan, cruelty free with 100% recyclable packaging.  We use energy efficient bulbs, chemical free cleaning cloths and mops, and don’t fly.  But I do have my little car for tootling.

Despite my efforts I am still just under the UK average, so what did I need to change? I need to eat out much less, ok I can do that (Sunday yes, Monday no, Tuesday no, Wednesday stopped for shakes).  I need to use my car half as much as I do, that is possible, but slightly trickier what with always being pushed for time.  Be more particular only to source local food, usually ok, as most of our fruit and veg comes from our own allotment, but \I got abit behind this year due to work…but the meat and fish we have every other day I do need to be more choosy about.  I always try to get organic meat and sustainable fish, but the suppliers needs looking at.

What it boils down to is – give a shit, this stuff I scary, just try your best.

Check out your footprint

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