Sneak peak from Laughing at Myself

Here’s a sneak peek of Cataracts Toilet from my second Laughing at Myself, which is (I promise) on it’s way…

Being the fabulous daughter that I obviously am, what else would I do when mum needed to get to a check-up before her cataracts operation but offer to drive her to the hospital?

she was having her first check up with a specialist to see whether her cataracts were ‘ripe enough’ to operate on (I think this expression is gross, but it is the real one, so there we go).

We arrived with plenty of time to spare before the appointment so that she had time to ‘settle in’, which translates into had time to take her coat off, pop to the toilet and then chat in the waiting room for a bit. The chatting part is very important, although her husband is still around, she tells me that after 46 years you really are in need of some fresh conversation.

If you want to hear the rest of the story I’ll be reading it for you very soon 🙂

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