Read a book, review, and share

It’s that sort of world now, people want to know what something is like, whether you enjoyed it, and what your opinion is for everything. And books are no different, this is especially true when people are considering trying out a new author.

What if you didn’t like a book? well that’s fine, you cannot like everything. Leave a review anyway, and just make sure that any criticisms you make are constructive; after all this is someone’s livelihood. Who knows if you are making a good point it could be really helpful for them in their future books. 

When you buy a book online you’ll often get that email prompt saying hey what did you think of that book you bought? how many stars will you give it? what about books that you buy elsewhere? I have made a lovely list for you below, of all the places readers hangout online, so you’ll be able to leave your opinion all over the show! 

So, how important is it that you review books after you read or listen to them? it’s no exaggeration to say it’s vital. 

Not only does it help fellow readers find new work, and new authors that they might enjoy; but it also helps writers reach new readers who may want to borrow their books from libraries or to buy them.

That in turn encourages people to use libraries and independent book shops.

See? the five minutes it takes you to compose and post your review could help an author, a small business, and your community – wow that’s a powerful few minutes – so get reviewing!




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