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natalie king

Today I am inspired by Natalie King, of Natalie King Coaching, why you may ask? Because when meeting Natalie my life changed forever (and no that’s not an Eden exaggeration!). We happened to sit next to each other at a lunch, during which Natalie told me about the public speaking course she was about to run. I knew it was time for me to do the course, although I wouldn’t have gone looking for it, the universe made sure the information came to me. Natalie’s support and humour have helped me, and the other five women on the course to find and enjoy our own voices. I loved the course so much that now I sponsor it!

Public Speaking with Confidence

So Natalie, how did you get to where you are now? Once upon a time, there was a business woman who struggled to get the right words out, when she had to go to networking events or give presentations about her business; feeling that she lacked the right words made her feel anxious and powerless. One day she decided she was ready to make some changes, and to step out of her lonely and negative comfort zone, so she booked herself onto a public speaking with confidence course.

During the course she became more confident, because the course her voice grew stronger, and her comfort zone expanded. Until finally she was able to talk to fellow business people at networking events and was super confident when she had to give presentations which enabled her to grow her business.

It was a slow process that took years, taking one speech, and one day at a time. But it couldn’t happen until I made the decision to change.

Piece of Wisdom to share: Don’t look at the big picture, or your end goal as that can be very scary. Know what your big goal is, then file it away in your mind, and take small steps in that. Never give up even if you feel like you are going backwards, that is all part of the process. Get comfortable being uncomfortable! your comfort zone is only a suggestion – it can expand!

Resolution for 2020: I am going to build on the foundation that I created in 2019, to keep growing as a person and building my business. To keep learning, and trying new things.

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natalie king