My Non-fiction Books

My non-fiction guides follow a Make Your Book A Reality Masterclass. So, you can expect to see a workbook the accompanies the audio. (If you are a visual learner you may be more comfortable with the book).

The Writer’s Inspirational Notebook was created to motivate and inspire you to put pen to paper. Somewhere for you to F-R-E-E Write your prose, poetry or screenplay ideas.

Alongside space for your words there are quotations from successful authors. Seeing your thoughts with those of someone you admire, in something that looks and feels like a book, can be a very encouraging experience.

All my non-fiction work is written under the name E. Gruger.

how to write without block

How To Write Without Block Workbook

This book is based on the Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page Masterclass of the same name. It gives you everything that you...
A yellow book with red circles and blue writing

The Writers Inspirational Notebook

This inspirational writer's notebook was created for you to get your prose, poetry or screenplay ideas out of your head and onto the page. Alongside...