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The Dyslexia Gang Part 2

For Dyslexia awareness week I wanted to share this piece about Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, to encourage people who have either condition, for their parents, partners and friends who need to know more. Differently-abled can be a fantastic thing!

I am a Dyslexic blogger, author and creativity coach, but this blog is all about Pascal, a retired university lecturer.

“Although I knew about Dyslexia I hadn’t heard of Dyscalculia until I was teaching at a university. Each term students’ work had to be double marked by two tutors, and this was followed by meetings where we discussed the marks we had allocated.  Not only could I could never remember how to work out the percentages of the marks, but then later I couldn't remember if it was agreed that the marks were to go up or down, so I was always having to double check with my colleagues.

The tutor that I double marked with also assessed students for Dyscalculia as part of his work, and eventually he took me to one side, to say that in his opinion he was quite sure I had Dyscalculia. Naturally as soon as I got home I jumped on the computer and did some research, and was astonished to find out that I experienced most of the symptoms! How had I managed to get to sixty five without

Unfortunately, although I wanted to be tested to make sure that I had the condition,  which the University were prepared to pay for, but if the diagnosis was confirmed I would no longer be allowed to teach, as it would hinder my ability to mark work. Although I would be offered an alternative post that did not involve teaching. I decided it was probably better not to have the test and be formally diagnosed.

The being late part of my Dyscalculia has affected my relationships with friends, family and colleagues - it has been hard for people to accept how difficult I found being on time. It has also made it hard in later life to have the confidence to make choices which involve commitments and deadlines as they are a nightmare when you have no idea how long it’s going to take you to do something.

It has been discovered that Dyscalculia is due to the malfunction of one gene, and from an educational point of view is now legally classed as a disability and listed as a learning disorder. But I was brought up in an era where you just had to get on with it regardless of how difficult you found things, and I would never have recognised that I have a learning disorder nor would I have classed myself as disabled and having special educational needs!  So, it has been quite a shock to discover just how much Dyscalculia has affected my life when I’ve stopped to think about it.  I always recognised my difficulties with understanding Maths and remembering numbers but hadn’t realised that is affected things like always being late and not being able to learn tap dancing!

Inspired by…Natalie

natalie king

Today I am inspired by Natalie King, of Natalie King Coaching, why you may ask? Because when meeting Natalie my life changed forever (and no that’s not an Eden exaggeration!). We happened to sit next to each other at a lunch, during which Natalie told me about the public speaking course she was about to run. I knew it was time for me to do the course, although I wouldn’t have gone looking for it, the universe made sure the information came to me. Natalie’s support and humour have helped me, and the other five women on the course to find and enjoy our own voices. I loved the course so much that now I sponsor it!

Public Speaking with Confidence

So Natalie, how did you get to where you are now? Once upon a time, there was a business woman who struggled to get the right words out, when she had to go to networking events or give presentations about her business; feeling that she lacked the right words made her feel anxious and powerless. One day she decided she was ready to make some changes, and to step out of her lonely and negative comfort zone, so she booked herself onto a public speaking with confidence course.

During the course she became more confident, because the course her voice grew stronger, and her comfort zone expanded. Until finally she was able to talk to fellow business people at networking events and was super confident when she had to give presentations which enabled her to grow her business.

It was a slow process that took years, taking one speech, and one day at a time. But it couldn’t happen until I made the decision to change.

Piece of Wisdom to share: Don’t look at the big picture, or your end goal as that can be very scary. Know what your big goal is, then file it away in your mind, and take small steps in that. Never give up even if you feel like you are going backwards, that is all part of the process. Get comfortable being uncomfortable! your comfort zone is only a suggestion - it can expand!

Resolution for 2020: I am going to build on the foundation that I created in 2019, to keep growing as a person and building my business. To keep learning, and trying new things.

Find out more abut Natalie King

TTFN Eden :-)

Best job ever

“Have you ever wondered what is the best job title in the world? (besides body oil application assistant to Tom Hardy)

Well I saw a badge a couple of weeks ago, that surely must be the one, and was blown away – no careers advice service ever told me this was an option.

Did you know that you could be a ‘Cheesecake Creator’ – me either, until I met Chetal Patel from Sopwell Pantry. Best job in the world, Chetal Patel your new best friend

Not only does this lucky woman get to make and test her own wares, she also creates her own flavour combinations for us to enjoy, inspired by her travels around the world.

Hmm Chetal is it wrong that we all want to be your best friend?

Say Hello to Chetal

TTFN Eden :-)