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What Type Of Writers Are There?

This week has been a really interesting one, a highly intelligent business person that I met, didn't realise that I work with writers who want to be authors. Rather than writers.

They also weren't sure of the difference between an ebook made as a business tool. And a book written by someone who wants to be an author.

It made me realise that other people might be confused by, and confusing these two. So here I am trying to set the record straight(er).

A book written as a business tool is something used to bring customers into your existing business. Usually a freebie, but not necessarily, it positions you as an expert. And lets the sort of people who want what you offer, know that you offer what they want. And that you are good at/with it.

A book written by someone who wants to be an author is a very different kettle of fish. This is a book that keeps you up at night. That ticks away in the back of your mind when you are walking the dog, or stuck in traffic.

This is the book that cajoles, moans and nags to be written until you give in. And then when you do the next story will pop up! And the next! and the next!

So to clarify while I have nothing at all against business books, lead magnets or the like, I work with people who want to tell the story that won't leave them alone. Whether that's fiction or non fiction.

If you write because you want to be published, you are an author in waiting. And you are the person that I work to support, inspire, motivate and educate from the writing, to the publishing through to the marketing and building a fanbase. With my articles, videos, classes and emails.

That's it, hopefully clarified, this is me - writers mentor. Now tell me what do you need to write?