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What Type Of Writers Are There?

This week has been a really interesting one, a highly intelligent business person that I met, didn't realise that I work with writers who want to be authors. Rather than writers.

They also weren't sure of the difference between an ebook made as a business tool. And a book written by someone who wants to be an author.

It made me realise that other people might be confused by, and confusing these two. So here I am trying to set the record straight(er).

A book written as a business tool is something used to bring customers into your existing business. Usually a freebie, but not necessarily, it positions you as an expert. And lets the sort of people who want what you offer, know that you offer what they want. And that you are good at/with it.

A book written by someone who wants to be an author is a very different kettle of fish. This is a book that keeps you up at night. That ticks away in the back of your mind when you are walking the dog, or stuck in traffic.

This is the book that cajoles, moans and nags to be written until you give in. And then when you do the next story will pop up! And the next! and the next!

So to clarify while I have nothing at all against business books, lead magnets or the like, I work with people who want to tell the story that won't leave them alone. Whether that's fiction or non fiction.

If you write because you want to be published, you are an author in waiting. And you are the person that I work to support, inspire, motivate and educate from the writing, to the publishing through to the marketing and building a fanbase. With my articles, videos, classes and emails.

That's it, hopefully clarified, this is me - writers mentor. Now tell me what do you need to write?


How To Start Writing A Book

Are you one of the secret writers who squirrel away numerous ideas in notebooks, or on their laptops? Never sharing what they write, or telling anyone about their author dreams? let me help you start writing.

What they have in common is they haven’t started the serious business of writing yet. This is super common, and there are lots of things that we tell ourselves about writing that are not exactly true including;

You need to know the whole story before you start writing

You need to be great at spelling and grammar to be a writer

You need fancy software to be a writer

There is a perfect time to start

I dispel all those myths and quite a few more on YouTube and on my social media with my Frequently Asked Questions videos just like this one.

I love to answer new writers questions, share insider tips and tricks of the trade.

When you are ready get your free copy of the How To Finish Your Book Checklist. Followed by a weekly email of encouragement (if you want it).

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What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach? coaching comes from the idea that we inherently have the skills to answer our own issues or challenges. A mentor will not expect you to inherently have the skills you need and will guide you through them.
There are coaches and mentors for just about everything now, and part of that is because at some point in our lives we all need some guidance from someone with the wisdom that we hope to get.
I personally have used coaches and mentors for business direction, public speaking, strategies to manage my workload, advanced creative business management, setting up educational programmes, and personal issues. 
Why tell you this? because I am happy to share that I do not know everything, nor do I expect to. When there is something that I am struggling with it makes sense to find someone who does know to help. 
If you want to become an author, or you already have published, and book marketing feels like an uphill struggle you can get the benefit of my decades of experience through Make Your Book A Reality.
Helping people who are starting out on their author journey, is where I want to be - sharing the lessons that I have learnt in my life and through my publishing experience.
If you are not quite ready to start you might like my monthly motivation email
Or if you are ready to learn and get your author questions answered click here for more information

Want Help To Finish Your Novel?

There are various ways that professional authors get their books finished, and whatever the genre my tips work. Follow the steps to create the book.

Whether you are at the ideas scribbled in a notepad stage, you have started drafting out the story. You have been stuck editing chapter one for what seems like forever, or you have got as far as the end of your first draft.

There are several steps to get you publisher ready, and if you don't know what they are it is an uphill struggle. But you are not alone, and I am happy to share my tips to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

I use the same checklist that I am about to share with you for each and every book.

email me my free checklist

If you receive your checklist and find that you are feeling overwhelmed - don’t panic! it doesn’t all have to be done today. Becoming and author is a marathon and not a sprint.

Having a successful author business is like any other - it’s about educating yourself and working at it. Make sure you keep on writing because without that what else is there?

What’s It Like Being An Author?

You probably think that most of an author's time is taken with the writing, right? well actually although that is a very important part of the role there is a lot more to it, especially for independent or self-published authors.

So, I thought it would be a bit of fun to share what my working week looked like this week.

Due to a couple of family crisis, I missed the deadline to get the edits finished for my sixth book. So, the first thing I had to do this week was email my designer and apologise for the delay and set another deadline that I hope will be realistic.

Then I emailed the people who had bought on pre-order to let them know that the book was on its way, but there had been an unforeseeable delay.

Next, I had to check in with all my social media to answer queries, reply to comments, and check messages. This included checking in with my author association.

Then emails, there were sixty across my inboxes, about half of which needed answering immediately as people had been waiting to hear from me. The rest were divided between my answer this week, answer within a month, or moved to trash.

After that was a meeting with my web designer and maintainer, he needed to let me know what had been going on in my absence, and to find out what I wanted him to spend this month's retainer time doing.

Then I had a meeting about a podcast interview that I am taking hosting.

After all the business 'stuff' then I could get back to my edits.

Unsurprisingly a writer's life it isn't all launches, signings, photo shoots, in fact very, very few of them are like that. It isn't even just about writing.

If you decide that being an author business is the life for you, just keep in mind that as it grows and the better you do, the more of a business it becomes.

In no way is being an author a stressful job, and I will not pretend that it is, but it has its ups and downs just like every other area of life.  If you follow my author pages social media, you will there are days when my hair is up in an elastic band, and I'm eating chocolate pudding at 11am (albeit an Alpro pudding, 11am isn't really pudding time).

And if you are interested in an author business for yourself you could start here, with my Masterclass Membership, £37 a month to access twenty years of sales and marketing experience and shortcuts.

Write, Publish and Market Your Book