Want To Write A Book?

Are you one of the 83% of the world who want to write a book? have you got as far as knowing what it would be about, the storyline and characters?

Does it keep you awake at night, would it be the thing you regretted most if you never go around to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)?

What reasons do you give yourself for not starting? do they revolve around time, energy, other commitments?

I know people like you, I meet them all the time, and they all want to the same thing – more time! but you cannot make time, you can only choose how you spend what you have.

Some people really do not have a minute to themselves, but be honest – is this really you? instead of that extra episode of your favourite television show you could be jotting down your own storylines. Getting up half an hour earlier could be the space to get the writing ball rolling.

It is not easy. But it is worth it.

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I look forward to supporting you to get started.