Give Great Author Interviews

This is a skill like all the others you need to learn to have a successful author business. And giving a great interview will take practise. What do you want to get across? are you building your brand, or selling books? if you usually follow me, then you will know what I think it is better to do. Tell people why are interesting, funny, weird, or an expert in your field – show them why you might be worth their time and interest.

I have been interviewed multiple times, and have been asked some expected, cool and crazy questions over the years. You can view some of these by following the links on Eden In The Media.

If you feel that you have reached the point in your author career where giving interviews needs to be a part of your marketing strategy. But feel unsure where to find the publications or media that might want to hear from or about you. Or what to say to them when you do work out who they are, take a look at How To Get And Give Great Author Interviews, part of the Make Your Book A Reality Masterclass Membership

Learn how to be your best advertisement!

I will show you how to source author interviews with people and publications who align with your brand. You’ll learn what to say, what NOT to say, and how to present you and your book(s) in the best light, regardless of who you’re talking to or what they throw at you! You’ll also get the chance to come up with your own responses to the ten most popular interview questions.

Learn everything you need to know to get and give great interviews, that show your brand and your book(s) to their very best advantage.

How To Get And Give Author Interviews Masterclass | Eden Gruger