Help To Publish A Book

Are you ready to make your book a reality? To get your ideas out of your head and onto to page? Are you one of the 83% of the world who wants to know how to write your own book? has started writing? Wants to know how to finish your book. Or feels they have a book ‘in them’?

Publishing is a niche industry, but a business like any other which means there are things that you need to know.

Having been this person, and now being a published writer (six books in at time of writing), I love to help other people fulfil their writing dreams.

Make Your Book A Reality is a series of classes that answer the questions you will have at every stage of the process. From writing tips, how to get out of block and stay inspired, to editing, through to publishing, marketing and building a fan base.

The biggest thing I can assure you at this point is that if you really want to do this, then you can. So why not enlist the help of someone who has already done it? made mistakes they are willing to own up to, so that you get the benefits of their twenty plus years experience?

Make Your Book A Reality won’t teach you to write, it’s only practise and lots more practise that will help with that. But it will explain everything else to get you started.

To get you started I have created the How To Finish Your Book Checklist, it’s free and is followed by a regular boost of encouragement by email.

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If you are ready to get started and want all the insider what’s, whys and how’s then look at my Masterclass Membership, this monthly rolling membership of £37 gives you access to the answers you have been asking about making your book a reality, through audio classes and accompanying workbooks.

How To Publish Masterclass