Inspired by…Fiona Kearns

Today I am sharing why I have been inspired by Fiona Kearns of Kearns Consultancy. Fiona, a Business Psychologist and Consultant helps overloaded business owners by helping them to gain clarity about business goals, to focus on the tasks that will get the results that they want, and she provides accountability so that they stay motivated and on track.

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I have been inspired by you because… of the energy, passion and balls, (I now know this is called being Bold), that you put into the talk that you gave on presenting yourself. Having been told to keep quiet for over forty years, in just over an hour you made me realise that the power of bold is nothing to be scared of. It needs to be embraced. It’s ok to saying exactly what you need – repeat that one hundred times until it sticks everybody….and that’s without even mentioning all the encouragement, and great ideas and butt kicking you have done on my behalf since. Fiona (deep bow) thank you.

How did you get to where you are now? Being bold has scared some people, but I have so much energy and passion for what I do it’s hard to hold back, and I don’t aim to be frightening! My professional journey has been quite the long and winding road, it probably started with my fascination for people, why they do the things that they do and trying to understand them more has been, and continues to be a driving force. My other big ‘thing’ is trying to better myself, I’m always trying to learn more.

Naturally like everyone else I’ve made some huge mistakes along the way! there was a time in my life when I needed a mentor to help me, but couldn’t find the right one. To be honest I may not have listened even if I had have found someone, but it made me feel very isolated and caused confidence issues that didn’t need to develop, and caused a great deal of stress. As a consequence of that when I work with people one of the bits of advice I always give is to organise your support – that is, don’t it the hard way! I want to help business leaders to grow their business and benefit from my expertise, and the mistakes I made have been a vital learning tool for helping others.

What’s your piece of Wisdom to share? There’s no silver bullet, just keep going!

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