Alliance of Independent Authors Partner Member

If you follow me on social media, you will probably have heard my exciting news. A few weeks after applying, I heard that my Make Your Book A Reality mentoring services have been vetted and approved by The Alliance of Independent Authors.

It was a fabulous feeling to have it confirmed that it’s not just me, and my clients saying I can do this, and I’m good at it. But a global organisation that works on behalf of indie authors is saying it too!

It would be an understatement to say that I am delighted to be accepted. Being a partner member, appearing in their directory and in the database of approved suppliers feels like the culmination of a lot of hard work.

Like writers everywhere I have doubted myself, and sometimes a book you love isn’t quite as well received as you think it’s going to be. But that is definitely part of the writing life, and you have to manage your disappointment and get on with the next book.

So, when I first started writing what would become my audio classes in 2020, I worried about how they would be received and whether they would be any good. Luckily, everyone who tried them had great things to say, and by the end of 2020 helped by being trapped in my house due to a global pandemic I had fourteen classes available.

By 2023 the individual classes had grown into a Masterclass Membership, allowing people to build on the lessons to create not just one book, but an author business.

Helping other writers is my mission in life and proving that even when life throws some serious shade your way, you can still make a grab for your dreams.

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When you are ready to tackle action and get the answers to your writerly questions, take a look at my Masterclass Membership for £37 per month

Just in case you aren’t aware of them already, ALLi is a global not for profit membership association for self publishing authors. With a mission for ethics and excellence within self publishing.

They have been offering advice, and advocacy for self publishing authors within the literary, publishing and creative industries around the world for over a decade.

Which is an amazing achievement given the changes the industry has been through in that time. As well as checking and approving services, they have a warning list of services they suggest people avoid, so before you choose to work with anyone in the industry do check which list they are on!

Offering help and support through podcasts, articles, downloadable books, they also work with Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency to help unrepresented ALLi members selectively licence their rights. And members get access to partner member discounts (including with me).

With membership starting at £69 for people who are not published, or who are studying multimedia, publishing or creative writing. Through to authorpreneur membership at £119 a year for those who can prove 50,000 book sales in the last two years. It is well worth looking to see if membership is right for you


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