Antedote to loneliness

Blue Zones article that inspired me

I know a lady who has an agreement with three other child free couples, that when they reach sixty they will sell their house and buy one large house,聽 where they can all live and take care of each other as they age.聽 What a great idea, from age thirty five this is something I started to think about, the desire to age in a community of like minded people, who have similar cultural references and won’t look at me strangely when I mention my Blue Peter badge, or when a Cornetto was 50p.

Women always have that one friend who knows how to make them really laugh

The study also showed the 1 in 3 over 45’s are lonely.聽 That’s a horrible statistic, and with everyone being ‘so busy’ we are forgetting to make real contact.聽 Go through your phone book and get yourself visiting.

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