Dyslexic Authors

Dyslexia means all sorts of things, so there is no reason why we cannot be authors (yes I know we need more editing, but that’s fine, our ideas are amazing!).

These are the symptoms and signs of Dyslexia as described by The British Dyslexia Association

Frequently late – occasionally missing important events altogether – and misjudging how long it takes to drive somewhere – yep that’s me, unless I set an alarm on my phone to leave really, really early I will be late. I genuinely do not understand where the time goes, you start putting your shoes on, and the next minute you have lost twenty…

Problems with time management – a poor sense of time – find it difficult to plan time – frequently run out of time doing a task or fail to plan enough time for all the things that need to be done for the task to be completed – see above, also note when I thought I could write eighteen courses, edit the same, polish, record the audio for, design the companion sheet for sixteen of the courses, and get them to the website technology type genius lady to get online and pretty in six weeks. And was late delivering, twice.

Can’t remember numbers – phone numbers, pin numbers, timetables etc – need to write a phone number down immediately to remember it. Again

Poor memory for anything number related like dates and facts – everyone who knows me knows that I say if you don;t see me write it down assume it won’t happen.

Trouble understanding graphs or charts – can’t recognise the meaning of symbols – I bought a lovely craft kit, but turns out it has the mother of all charts, and so I open it, look at it, and put it away again. My cross stitch charts I expand to 10x and do them in little sessions marking off stitches as I go.

Difficulty remembering what symbols mean or linking numbers and symbols to directions – see above

Hard to understand even very simple spoken maths equations – I stopped my maths education at long division, Mrs Roper, fourth year juniors.

Get different answers to same Math problem and need to check work over and over again to be confident of getting the right answer. see above.

Gets lost easily and misplaces objects around the house – ask my husband about this one (if you have an hour to spare).

Difficulty working out change or a tip, use fingers to count – cannot see the problem with counting on my fingers

Trouble recognising patterns and sequencing – I think I’m alright at this, others may disagree

Motor functions – trouble learning dance steps or athletic movements or anything that requires you to move your body in a certain sequence – tried to learn ballroom dancing, jive, did GCSE Dance, and  despite practising the two dances I made them both up on the day, I did not pass well.

Struggles to keep scores in games and loses track of whose turn it is – yep

Difficulty remembering names and facial recognition (Prosopagnosia) – if you appear out of context that can hardly be my fault, I have, for some time, campaigned for name badges for all without success.

If the majority of these fit you – congratulations, you are officially part of the most creative section of the population whoop whoop

I did the very involved test on The British Dyslexia Association website, which has given me a headache, and yep I fit the markers…so that’s interesting, what about you?

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Dyslexia isn't about intelligence