Cheerleading Your Flock

I needed to give myself a bit of a pep talk today, and so I was thinking about inspirational women who have been in my life. Without doubt one of the most amazing has been Vanessa Wallace.

An entrepreneur turned athlete who became a medal winning competitor and Paralympian. Nothing beats sitting in someone’s kitchen having a cuppa and holding their Gold Medals I am telling you.

When I looked back did I feel intimidated and insecure around Vanessa? especially when she was doing incredible things I couldn’t even dream of for myself? I did not.

And why do you think that might be? because she is a natural cheerleader, someone who encourages and supports other women’s endeavours. And she did this for me with the sweet review of Laughing At Myself

“Laughing at myself was like reading a snapshot of the mishaps that the universe likes to throw in my path for its own entertainment. Written in an easy to read format, that pulls no punches, but is still rich in empathy and smiles, this book was a welcomed break from the current world events. One to recommend to everyone you know, as well as being one you could read over and over again, this is definitely one of my favs. No pressure Eden, but can we have the next one soon please? I look forward to enjoying it with a cuppa and some custard creams”.

What have you done to support the women in your life?

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